ICAlert LogoWhat is ICAlert?

ICAlert is a brand new managed device that monitors your schools internet access, targeting users attempting to access illegal content - child abuse images as well as terrorist content.

Ordinarily access to this type of content is simply filtered – whilst helpful this means that the user and their behaviour go unnoticed.

ICAlert changes this. Discovering such access, it activates an alert and provides valuable data, enabling a swift resolution, in the interests and protection of your school and children.

SWGfL, Plymouth University, and IWFWho created ICAlert?

Created by a partnership between SWGfL, Plymouth University and IWF, ICALert is a low cost, sealed device that requires no local configuration or management; simply plug into your school network and forget. Once active, it provides round the clock protection for your school, staff, visitors but most importantly your children.

  • Protects your school and children
  • Affordable – 3 year managed device
  • Simply unbox and plug in – Connect and forget
  • No technical knowledge required
  • Managed Alerts – specialist support when you need it most

Man in a darkened room using a computerWhy is ICAlert needed?

“Teacher found in possession of child porn” are all too frequent media headlines; headlines that are often accompanied with surprise and an understandable expression of horror – ‘how can those working with children, people in positions of trust and responsibility, be found in possession of child abuse images (the misnamed child pornography)?  How frequent or common are these convictions?'

Prison barsImage: meesh

Convictions for Possession of Illegal Images

Whilst it is clearly not just those working with children who are convicted for the possession of illegal images, they do account for a significant proportion.  In a recent (2014) National Crime Agency operation (Operation Notorise), 745 people were arrested that resulted in 264 people being charged with child abuse image offences. Of the 264 people charged, 47 (18%) were working with children (voluntary or employed). 

Should we be surprised that those with a predilection in children orientate their careers accordingly? 

ICAlert has been created to specifically help tackle this issue.

Protect your school

Our managed service provides you with the hardware and software required to enable the service, and 3 years' management. Simply plug into your network and you are protected. You can also monitor the device through this website.

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